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Advent In The Real World by Bill Cummings

Advent In The Real World by Bill Cummings

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From his childhood devotion to the religion of his parents and grandparents, Bill Cummings moved through all the structures and doctrines of the Catholic Church. He became a gifted scholar, priest, and college teacher. However, all along the way he had questions that no one seemed to want to answer. Or if they did the answers were unsatisfactory. While he was studying in Rome, Pope John XXIII provided the inspiration, guidance and encouragement that searchers such as Cummings needed to find their true calling. But when he finally decided that he could no longer work within some of the confines of his beloved church he had to leave and move into a world that he was totally unprepared for. His story is a must-read for the religious seeker of all faiths who face the challenges of a secular world and feel they are alone.

Bill Cummings received his high school and college education in a monastery that was accredited by the University of Wisconsin. At Catholic University in Washington, DC, he received his STL in Theology and MA in Semitic languages, followed by extensive doctoral work in Rome, Italy, where he earned his SSB Re Biblica and finally his SSL Re Biblica from the Pontificum Institutum.

After several years as a professor at a Catholic college, Bill left the academic and religious world and joined TWA as a leadership instructor. He later became manager of organizational development for Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco, and finally vice president of a medical corporation in Georgia.

In 1985, Cummings launched his own company, Cummings Management Consultants. He leads seminars, designs and conducts strategic planning, recruits executives, lectures on leadership, and coaches executives throughout the country

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