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Baseball's Peerless Semipros By Thomas Barthel

Baseball's Peerless Semipros By Thomas Barthel

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The uniform always had the single word “Bushwick” on it.  No nickname like Dodgers, Giants, or Yankees.  The name was not a plural.  On the uniform was the name of a neighborhood in a borough of New York City.  Although the team was born in Brooklyn, its later home was Dexter Park in Queens on the Brooklyn border and so it was always known as Brooklyn’s team.  It rarely traveled away from Brooklyn to play its games and so was able to attach some of the best local semipro talent, along with a constant influx of minor and major league players.  All the great barnstorming teams, especially the black teams who didn’t have their own parks, consider a stop at Dexter Park as a must—not only because of the excellent competition but also because with the large crowds it meant a good payday for everyone.

Here is the complete history of Max Rosner and his great Bushwick team.

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