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Hockey’s Historic Highlights Glen Goodhand

Hockey’s Historic Highlights Glen Goodhand

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No one has written more about the on-ice and off-ice heroics of the sport of hockey, its players, management, or fans than Glen Goodhand. He has specialized in telling the little-known or unknown events that have endeared the sport to fans everywhere. In this book Goodhand takes the fans into the nooks and crannies to bring the humanness of the sport to the readers. From an opening chapter on “Firsts” to a closing chapter on “Lasts,” Goodhand keeps the reader thoroughly involved in the game he loves. In between he tells you about the hockey heroes off the ice, the families that have dominated the game and those little known players and managers who have left a lasting mark. He shares a thousand stories with you.

Hockey is his passion. His diligence and his curiosity has led to this chronicle—a gift to the game and those who love it.
--Brian McFarlane
Author and Hockey Historian

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